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Fila Service Crew

 2015: New Years Update:
Fila Service Crew, Inc. / Fila Service Crew
5100 Brookwood Rd, Brooklyn Park, MD 21225 3012
443 942 6105 {v & t}        

With all of 2014 {year 3} and surgeries it was important to remain here and available to our clients, friends and Crew Members as well as to keep myself resting in order to heal well. Fila’s Flying Fingers is the only group that remained functioning and a few took place in the middle of the rehab rubble! Never in my wildest dreams did I think opening year 4, that’s right YEAR 4 ALREADY! with the worst of the surgeries just a couple of weeks ahead.
We are still going to get back on pounding the pavement because cabin fever is making me crazier than I normally am.
We are starting with a 10 Pin & Silent Art Auction. I will see to it there are some works available for sale as well. Biggest thing - Crew Member Ania Milo-Swann our own personal professional artist, well known in her field has been so gracious in helping me get things together. In return for her help I asked her to jump on board to do her specialty – “Pet Portrait in an Hour” – Bring your favorite picture of your pet, give it to Ania, come back in an hour and you will have a grand artwork piece to hang, frame or mount however you like. If you are lucky enough to win a work or two from the silent auction you will then have more than one piece to show off! You could always look at it this way – when the artists pass on to a better life – you’ll have the original works and be rich!
During last year for an anniversary/Christmas present I took Mark to a concert {Sox and Sarge did great!} while there I knew I wanted CD’s and such but found myself running out to the car for cards; in my return a total gentleman introduced me to the rest of his family while Mark was getting CD’s. We were granted such wonderful people to come into acquaintance with – I never release names without permission so  lets call him Mr. S. he stuffed a bill as a donation into my pocketbook which was ever so slightly open. Mark and I did ready to leave and once we got to the car I looked for that bill to separate and to secure it as well - $100.00 bill went into Fila Service Crew’s bank account…Thank You Mr.  andyour beautiful family for such a wonderful surprise donation! Mark then tells me they gave us all the CD’s that were on sale at no charge. What a great night – A date night with my hubby at a Phillips, Craig & Dean concert – meeting many wonderful folks and receiving donations before anyone did any homework to make sure we were who we said we were!!!

Fila Service Crew 2013, Year in Review 

Hello & WELCOME!

 We are a family who inadvertently started a New Non-Profit Organization {NPO} { *(501)(c)(3) pending *} trying to raise support, awareness and assistance in several different areas for disabled Veterans, the D/deaf community and service animals in the Anne Arundel County area of Maryland and reaching out to other communities as your donations and sponsorships allow.

We offer Our talents in Elementary Tutoring; Basic/Conversational American Sign Language for the D/deaf; Engineering services for the repair and development of therapeutic equipment; a PET FOOD PANTRY[open]; equipment lending closet; and many other needed services.

Please remember there are always good and bad things that happen ... if not for the bad you could not appreciate the good!
Fila Service Crew
and Our 2nd Year 
“Year In Review 2013”:

Hello One and ALL!
It is here in full swing and moving even faster than last - 2014 - can you believe it??? Christmas has come and gone...again...the Ball in NY has fallen ... again! Hope one and all have had the best of it all as of yet with many more to come each getting better & better!
Our 2nd year is officially complete with the 3rd HEAD ON TO MEET! To meet more needs, meet more people, meet more challenges, meet more friends and more members, along with the meet of new volunteers, helpers, sponsors and all the good that We can possibly help to happen! We hope you are all as excited as We are to see what is in store for 2014. There are several things which are in the “possible” mode and a few in the “in the Making” mode & We’d love for you all to join Us for another year of success!
Fila's Flying Fingers 2014 schedule is DONE & SET! With the exception of July & August which are the high times for the Brooklyn Park Library & their summer programs for the children. Once they set their schedule We will update the calendar. All in all We are once or twice a month with giggles and games wishing more of you would like to learn a little bit of another language - not a boring, repetitive-memorizing language but a totally animated and motion filled Culture within a Language! It is simply put...F U N !!! Come out and try on a word or 2 and if you like it keep coming - - if not OK - Give Us some suggestions that you WOULD like and We can add them too.

Just a bit of info
  Our BlogSpot and Our MeetUp pages are the way to go – is where you can find much more information, news, more regarding needs, volunteers, photos and the like. is the very basic announcement pages for what, where, when and how. – On either of these sites you can join or follow so please do so. Facebook is still a page We post things on but not as much on the info and events – more like cutie pics, inspirational quotes, some needs that are too big for Us, Fila Service Crew, at the moment, etc.
C For those of you looking for Us on Our .org site… I am stubborn {HA who doesn’t know that?} and want what I want therefore .org site is down until I like what I see…not gone just down until construction is finished to my preferences.
C  The “Fila’s Flying Fingers” calendar will be the basic calendar for Us and Our activities for the remainder of 2014.
C  During any of the Fila’s Flying Fingers group dates should you want information regarding the quarterly meetings as in previous years just drop Us a line, tap on Our shoulder and let Us know and it will be available to you at the following meeting otherwise it will be incorporated into one of the Flying Fingers dates {most likely in the July or August group} as a 6 month review still broken down into quarterly format.
So, for now keeping up by following and/or joining Us is the way to go…or call – all of Our contact info is available on Our services pages or through MeetUp just hit the little red button and “contact” Us. Be well and see you all around town!
Mark & Gina D &
Fila Service Crew 

2013 Accomplisments….
C  Crew Signing GatheringSTARTED!!! “Fila’s Flying Fingers”
C  Crew Cloth Corner – a few things in progress at the moment, Check it out!
C  Engineering Department - still in the works of establishment - We will keep you posted.
C  "Fila's Flying Fingers" the what, when, where and you will learn how -

C  Pet Food Pantry OPEN for Donations and Requests – has a wish list; everything says 1 but of course there is more than just 1 in need. Benefit of Amazon site you will be sure of where your hard earned money is spent as well they will deliver directly to Us, if you prefer to shop elsewhere – WONDERFUL! - let Us know and We will arrange for delivery/pick-up.
C    We are still in healing mode as we move forward and continue the work that this Little girl started - Fila Service Crew - 10 Beautiful babies and all in the greatest homes ever! She will never be forgotten nor replaced; no one will ever master the ”down” command as only Dainy could, from the initial spring board action to that special Curtsy she did so beautifully. She is so sorely missed around here!
C  Still pushing toward the {501}{c}{3} and getting closer by the day-may make the mark even with all the deterrents that try to stop Us…never happen!
C  Made a few new Friends that will be assisting in a couple of different areas for the good of both of Our Companies – one of which had already been a huge help with Our Pet Food Pantry. Open for donations as well as requests.
Please NOTE:
These photos are our personal property, please ask permission before trying to use them for more than personal pleasure viewing.
Thanks Much,
Gina & Mark D &
Fila Service Crew
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Make your Community sponsorship and support known with a gift that makes a difference to so many, one directly from the heart!

With Much Gratitude from Us and Our Crew to You and Your Crew,

Gina & Mark D &

Fila Service Crew 


"Stay tuned for up & coming events!"

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