Law Breaking



There are some SERIOUS ISSUES that are killing our veterans - LITTERALLY!
Scheduling appointments for Veterans is all over the news these days due to the lengthly wait times between 1st diagnostics to the actual appointment time it is running 6 months later - a second appointment book is being kept to show that there is NO LAPSE in time - this is utterly outragious because there are many of Our VETERANS dying while waitingfor help from the VA Medical system...
CNN, WBFF 45, American Leigion, NBC news, MSNBC,, etc. etc.etc.


Once again, Thanks have to go out to Mr. & Mrs. John and Jane Doe

Unfortunately and sadly We are still faced with FCC violations by removed copy rights and infringements by usage of Our material on others sites WITHOUT Permission.

We are just so grateful that Our Public is smart enough to seek the truth themselves and continue to stand in Our corner – still supporting US!

It seems as if more drastic measures may need to be taken to protect OUR Clients, Friends and Supporters.

We will stay on top of this story and keep you posted – please bear in mind issues such as these are not resolved too quickly…But WE thank you for maintaining your post and keeping Our backs!

>>>>NEW NEWS on OUR First Year Accomplishments!!!>>>> ATTENTION - We have recently been advised that We managed to help another nonprofit group get their stuff organized and have BEGUN their Maryland State Compliance Paperwork - We feel very proud of them for doing so although they have a long road ahead of them due to time lapsing on their many branches and names but a start is a start and first steps are taken - Congrats and don't stop now!<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

We owe our supporters a debt of gratitude for letting us know - our pics, faces, likenesses, members pics {babies without mothers permission}, and defamatory comments are still being posted even with the Cease and Desist on March 28th,2012 - Plagiarism - disrespect for the disabled community and its vulnerable people!


Still Using OUR Photos, Names & Likenesses - verbal permission given to use long ago has been revoked for more 2 years now {March 28th, 2012 to be exact} - yet this still happening. No respect for any one or thing! OK... let's just see!  Publicly accused = Publicly denounced!


Unfortunately – We MUST inform and Alert Our public, friends and supporters to Be aware!