Newest THANKS to –

To Marissa and Josh - Congrats on the wedding, many years of happiness to you both! 
They sent a case of wet and a huge bag of dry for Alice's Alley's she has been so grateful and wants you to know she sends her deepest thanks.
They went right to searched wish lists under Gina Darling picked up Fila Service Crew's list and ordered...mailed and received and given right to Alice. That EASY!

A Brand New Thank You Shout Out for stocking Our Pet Food Pantry
Goes to Pastor Joe F. and His wonderful wife Vonzella F.

Their Group is in the same business as We - Helping Others
So, Applications for Pet Food are available by simply contacting Us!
Within 24 hours you will have an answer for help for your Service Dog, Elderly Companion or Special Needs Quadrupeds.

This may turn into a hand washing the other so that both hands can was the face!
We are still tabulating the donation as of this evening...We can post the amounts tomorrow if need be.


Ania Milo-Swann. Thank You for coming out to Our "Etch N Sketch" beach day. As well thank you for your beautiful is a great job and so accurate! You are a wonderful artist and We are looking forward to working with you again & again!

All of the folks that gave of their hearts at Our Loss of Dainy - the flowers and cards made a huge difference in Our healing. Thank You All for those gifts and kind words. We are still healing slowly but surely. Sit-Ins are canceled at the Malls but Fila's Flying Fingers and quarterly meetings as well as fund raisers will continue as placed on MeetUp and here. Thank you for your understanding and help as we return to forward motion.

To Begin Our June 7th, ‘13 Billiards Saga – {***Friday Nite}

Our Gracious Hosts,

*   Steve & Jess Didier - Owners of VIP Billiards, Thank You so SO much for helping Us help others by opening your doors and allowing Us to come together…
Thanks, in Massive Amounts goes out to Our Sponsors:
*   Food Lion – Their Community support of a $250.00 Gift card went to Tiffany T. She is one of Our New D/deaf friends whose family really needed that boost in the arm. Congratulations on your Raffle Prize!
*   K & G Fashion Superstore – Wes J. & Jason K. Congrats to you both on your Door Prizes of $25.00 Gift card each!!! {2 $25 cards for total $50.00}
*   Wes Jensen of Arrowwood Shepherd’s I thought the Doggie Master rolled in the door. It was wonderful to see you. Thank you for coming out, it meant a lot to Us having you there! AND THEN…
*   IRA Hartwell of A Breed Apart – Stealthily entered the side lines and waited to be ‘spotted’ and was by VIP Staff member…What an honor to meet THEE Man that made The MAN for Our Crew! I guess I harassed you enough and you just wanted rid of me…We are very honored and privileged to have you with Us at this event – Both of you made Our whole night worthwhile…!
*   ASL Baltimore Region & ASL Bridge Folks Our D/deaf community folks that also came out in force THANK YOU All! We hope you enjoyed yourselves immensely and will join Fila Service Crew again in the future at Our other events & meetings!


Jess & Steve D. at VIP Billiards for being Our gracious Host that evening!

7th from 5 to 9 PM Unlimited shooting {look under Events for more info!}
Jim H and His Gang for coming Out to 10 Pin and supporting Us!

To Bowl America "Where Thousands Cheer" of Glen Burnie Last but most certainly not Least -All or Our Supporting Sponsors for their Donations for the Event...

Nick at

Bill Bateman’s of G B

805 Aquahart Rd - Glen Burnie, MD 21061
410 760 5535 
Barbara at
Olive Garden Arundel Mills Mall
410 636 1385 
Kristi at
Seasons Pizza
5503 Ritchie Hwy, Brooklyn, MD 21225
(410) 609-1001 
Zia & Peggy at
Olive Grove Restaurant
410 636 1385
 Diane at
801 Aquahart Rd, Glen Burnie, MD 21108
Linda S. at
Pizza Hut MD HQ
7070 Oakland Mills Road
Columbia, Maryland 21046
410 720 6336
Jamie at
5007 Ritchie Hwy, Brooklyn Park, MD 21225
410 789-5305
Ken at
5722 Ritchie Hwy, Brooklyn Park, MD 21225
(410) 636-9770 
David at
Office Depot
6711 Ritchie Hwy
410 768 1105

United States Marine Corp. Toys for Tots Program

First Lieutenant / Councilman Peter Smith

We are so honored to take part and do Our share in Our Communities!

GREAT HUGE Thanks go Out to ALL of our Friends and Supporters that continue to watch out for US, keep us informed of inappropriate usage of OUR Work and continue to support US in OUR Mission!!

Special Thanks to...

The United States Marine Corp. & Councilman Peter I. Smith for honoring US, Fila Service Crew, with the invitation to partake in the “Toys for Tots” program this year.

To… & Darcy

Maryland NonProfits & All the helpers including Allison & Henry

Commission Junction - AKA CJ

GoodSearch, GoodShop & Good Dining .com

The Educational Resource Group & Dr. Perez

Our Newest Sponsors through CJ on Our sites…

Batt & Barbara D. - You're Awesome! Thanks You went above and beyond what We could have asked for by supplying all the dogs and burgers for the beach party!!!

To ALL of our "Crew" members -

Ø    Mark & Gina D
Crew Chairs:
Ø  Josh M. Executive Crew Chair - Board of Directors
Crew Services Coordinator {s}
Ø  Gina D
Crew Quadrupeds:
Ø  Dainy – Matriarch - Birth Unknown 2 years + = Spring '07 until July 29th, 2013
Ø  Sergeant Chewbacha "Sarge"
Ø  Tootoez
Ø  Sir Soxes "Sox"
Birth Right Crew Members:
Ø  Our Snooty Patooty - Now -Dillinger - Odenton, MD
Ø  Our Tunnie - Still Tunnie - Odenton, MD
Ø  Our Vee - Now Pepper - Millersville, MD
Ø  Our L'il Man - Now Cooper – PA
Ø  Our Red - Now Cody – PA
Ø  Our Big Man - Now Ben – Vermont
Ø  Our Inky - Now Oliver Bones – Vermont
Ø  Our Seven – Now Diem
Honorary Crew Members:
Ø  Billie N.
Ø  Janice L.

Active Crew Members:
Ø   Josie B. & Candidate SDiT Candidate Lady With Husband John
Ø  Mary J. {Re-Membered on MeetUp }
Ø  Josh M.
Ø  Mark & Gina D & Sarge, Tootoez & Sox
Crew Members:
Ø  Erica F
Ø  Linda W
Ø  Sandy S
Ø  Lynn D
Ø  Anne
Ø  Ania M Milo
Ø  Erica F
Ø  Linda W
Ø  Sandy S
Ø  Jennifer L
Ø  George
Ø  Mary J.
Ø  Batt D. & wife Barbara  {life has made a few less active}
Ø  Jamie L. & Buddy  {life has made a few less active}
Ø  Annissa N. & SamWise {life has made a few less active}
Ø  Josie B. & Candidate SDiT Candidate Lady
Ø  Richard Blissett {moved out of State}
& ALL others Including those that are unable to be as active as they wish

To Our Disabled Communities

To Our D/deaf Community

Marley Station Mall & Patrons that keep Us moving Forward

Brooklyn Park Library for sharing their facilities with Us as we hold Special

Editions of Our MeetUp's & soon to come "Fila's Flying Fingers"

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