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Gina D – Co-Founding President/CEO 

fundraisingAs you know and can see the dealings with Our Pack Matriarch has had a rough impact on Us all Here at Fila Service Crew. We are ready to get on with life and with Our Mission. We have been keeping up with "Flia's Flying Fingers" and are looking forward to seeing more of you all there. Signing is Fun & there are many reasons to learn...talk with your mouth full...talk through windows and even tell jokes plus so much more and the most important reason by  far is to be able to communicate with the D/deaf Community in THEIR LANGUAGE!

So, we are allowing the holidays to finish up still doing a few things but will start the new year off back on the right foot! See you ALL around Town!

Fila Service Crew has been hit with a devastating blowOur Matriarch, “Dainy” {AKA “Daddy’s Girl”, “Dainy Girl” & several other nick names…} passing yesterday, so for the time being all Marley Station’s MeetUps are canceled until further notice. As We recover We ask you to be patient with Us, We will post more info on MeetUp & blogspot as We sort through Our loss. Thank you.
Fila’s Flying Fingers Has some new dates for meetings of fun and friends to practice what we know share what others don't know and have fun doing it!
Stay Posted for those new dates...

Now let's try this again...for August 10th & the rain date will be August 17th, same place and time!~
Mark and I are going to take Our Pack to Gun Powder Hammerman Area Beach... We will be getting some sun, R & R, Cook Out and do some swimming with our pack.
Pets ARE allowed On Leash - We will provide the grill and Charcoal but it is {$5 in season and $3 off season} per car entry {if you leave for any reason you must repay to reenter} It Will also Be B Y O B - {unless enough folks choose to share in things brought}
Bring Your Own Burger! We will share what We have- it is in our nature - it will be a great time and great fun to play volley ball, board games, Frisbee and other things We will bring…you are more than welcome to bring what you wish and share if you like.
Feel free to give Us suggestions on anything you like especially if it means the food end of it all - we don't want 100 hot dog buns with a pack of 8 hot dogs LOL...


New Family Fun Nite in the works! Beach Pupparty also working -headed for July! Good Food, Family, friends- old & new, Volley Ball, Cards, Board games, swimming with Our most beloved Quadrupeds! Yes Pets are allowed {leashed}. Last year 25 folks came and went throughout the day – this year unfortunately Fila Service Crew is unable to carry the brunt of the cost – so, BYOB – Bring Your Own Burger or Sign up to bring Contributions to share with all…this would be my preference. We are already bringing Our food, all the charcoal for all to cook on and some drinks…
Stay tuned!
Food Pantry IS NOW Open! 1st to benefit - Alice's Alleys! Shelves are still rather empty - 3 bags of kitty chow is all there is at this moment...YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN YOUR COMMUNITY...=Donate now! PayPal, Go Fund Me, office supplies always needed...just visit amzon find Our wish list and done! Thank You so much for caring for Our communities and helpin to keep Our disABLED folks ABLED!

To Begin Our June 7th, ‘13 Billiards Saga – {***Friday Nite}
Our Gracious Hosts,

*   Steve & Jess Didier - Owners of VIP Billiards, Thank You so SO much for helping Us help others by opening your doors and allowing Us to come together…

Thanks, in Massive Amounts goes out to Our Sponsors:

*   Food Lion – Their Community support of a $250.00 Gift card went to Tiffany T. She is one of Our New D/deaf friends whose family really needed that boost in the arm. Congratulations on your Raffle Prize!

*   K & G Fashion Superstore – Wes J. & Jason K. Congrats to you both on your Door Prizes of $25.00 Gift card each!!! {2 $25 cards for total $50.00}

*   Wes Jensen of Arrowwood Shepherd’s I thought the Doggie Master rolled in the door. It was wonderful to see you. Thank you for coming out, it meant a lot to Us having you there! AND THEN…

*   IRA Hartwell of A Breed Apart – Stealthily entered the side lines and waited to be ‘spotted’ and was by VIP Staff member…What an honor to meet THEE Man that made The MAN for Our Crew! I guess I harassed you enough and you just wanted rid of me…We are very honored and privileged to have you with Us at this event – Both of you made Our whole night worthwhile…!

*   ASL Baltimore Region & ASL Bridge Folks Our D/deaf community folks that also came out in force THANK YOU All! We hope you enjoyed yourselves immensely and will join Fila Service Crew again in the future at Our other events & meetings!

Very easy to get to…starting at 695 >>> exit 15B >>>follow loop around>>> 3 Lights >>> left lane for immediate U turn into “Midas” Lot and you are there! If you park on Midas level you will need to go to the rear of lot and down the steps … If you choose … go BEHIND Midas and down the hill and there is VIP Parking No stairs! See you all tomorrow – I am wondering who is getting a 3 digit [before the decimal point prize and the other 2] Guess if you want to know have to go! Hugs US!
OK All is said and done - 4 days & 2 casts...this coming Tuesday possibly a 3rd - one I can walk on would be much appreciated... but anyway things are still moving forward!
Fila's Flying Fingers!!!
"Fila's Flying Fingers" - Practice Sessions Have BEEN Scheduled!
Beloved friends, Crew and followers...I am sorry but I am going to have to cancel this Sit-In...due to an undetermined health issue. I am unable to be on my feet for the time required. I had hoped this would have been resolved by now but I guess it will have to wait until Tuesday when I see my Podiatrist.

Fila’s Flying Fingers is now in full swing!

Several dates are set {June 12th, July 18th, and August 15th – for now} in order to help all of us practice and those that have lost or are losing their hearing will be able to communicate – and

Yes! Open to the public!!!

We are hoping that many will come on out and many will have more experience that I do in order to correct me…LOL

And We are still A GO! For Billiards and stay tuned for  future announcements of new things such as Beach Party – volley ball, swimming, wind surfing, and a slew of other things on that day! Our future is looking like a Car Wash Day and a weekend warrior Day…explanations as time draws near to those events!
Let's Shoot Some Pool!

Another Family Fun Nite with Fila Service Crew!
Billiards – That’s Right… Billiards as in Pool.

Jess & Steve D. &
V I P Billiard’s in Catonsville, MD 21228

Is Helping Us Help Others
by Hosting Our Friends, Families and Supporters –
Latest in... We are officially ready for more fun d-raiser

June 7th, 2013
5 - 9 P. M.
UNLIMITED Shooting for the time We are there!
Only $20 per person – for the entire 4 hours!
As per Fila Service Crew ‘s norm – a door prize and 50/50 will be held!

 Kids 48 inches and under = FREE!

~~~~~~~~                  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Time and life can be peoples best friend or worst enemy...right now time and life is being Natalie F's Best friend but Fila Service Crew enemy. KUDOS Nat on all you are doing within the D/deaf community and classes work, and being a great Mom! Unfortunately for US, Fila Service Crew, Natalie is stepping down as Crew Services Coordinator as she pursues and conquers life. She is still a Very Large contributor to Our Organization and continues to be an active member! Make no mistake about it – when she is ready to return she will be welcomed with open arms!

Don't like losing Our Girl but Like that she is going places and making a HUGE imprint on the corner of her world!

And We are still A GO! For Billiards and stay tuned for future announcements of new things such as Beach Party –volley ball, swimming, wind surfing, and a slew of other things on that day! Our future is looking like a Car Wash Day and a weekend warrior Day…explanations as time draws near to those events! 
Unfortunately due to some "Members" not participating or keeping in contact with Us We are going to have to make some deletes and rearrangements. On MeetUp.com platform they automatically delete members on ALL groups for inactivity for 6 months or if your email is invalid. We are making these deletions/decisions in order to keep OurServices available to those that need Us andOur Help - Wedo not have the time for people that simply want a prestige title of being a member of a NonProfit/Charitable Organization. So Sorry to have to do this but with all of the upcoming events, the opening of the Pet Food Pantry, The Engineering Department getting geared up for more extended services there is just no time for folks that don't really want to be here. Once again, I am so Sorry but Fila Service Crew's best interest along with member and clients is TOP PRIORITY! Thanks for your understanding.
Phase 2 Has taken its place within Our Pages already...there will still be a few things phase 2 will have to do before Phase 3 can begin. Feel free to scan over the pages here on BlogSpot, MeetUp.com, FB too...if you see somethng you don't like or have any questions We will be more than Happy to answer them. No hard feelings not any grudges held with Us or with Our Members and supporters.
Thank You all so much, in advance for your understanding. We so want you to be the large part of things to come...but you have to be active and involved.
Hello and good Day to one and all!
This note is coming to you as a heads up / F Y I … Phase 2 is ready to roll – but I am going to give it a few days yet, so that minds can be made up in regards to what YOU WANT to do about the phase 2 and 3… and so on…
Phase 2 will be the ridding of FB Crew Members Group & headed back to www.meetup.com/FilaServiceCrew . Meet Up was meant to keep account of actual interested parties as CREW MEMBERS as well as announce all of Our activities, public appearances and venues – We need to return to that…so if you want to be on the inside looking out you can join Us there…if not you can then remain on the Outside Looking in – not knowing what you will be missing….
http://FilaServiceCrew.blogspot.com/  Here too you can ‘JOIN’ and follow us as CREW MEMBERS; this site was intended for a bit more in-depth coverage of Us and Our activities. And so shall it be again! The high school games are truly tired already! Phase 1 got rid of several folks that were playing both sides of the fence…trying to pit one group against the other and causing lack of settlement between the 2 groups…Phase 2 will be disassembling FB Crew Member group so that we can finish getting rid of those little birdies that love their drama and wish to live in chaos…We would rather not! We are a bit too old to be playing children’s games and it is taking time away from the real issues at hand…-…besides on Meet Up they are tracking and deleting many…if you do not visit your group at least once a month and have not been there in 6 months they are automatically deleting folks…We have lost 2 members already in this manner. If you choose NOT to “JOIN” or “FOLLOW” Us that is fine but it will leave you as the last to know what is happening.
Our FB Page will still be up and running…however, there will be no postings of any info on events or other happenings until things are perfectly set in stone.
It is nice playing “FOLLOW the LEADER” and even nicer to know Our COAT-TAILS are being so well used…this game too will begin to cease on the other side of the fence due to lack of Publicly Posted info … so by the time the info IS posted Follow the Leader will be made more and more transparent/apparent!.
Phase 3 is just about complete as well {along with other phases to be announced accordingly} Just a few decisions left for Me to Make - one of which is - do I leave it as an open group or close it so that only CREW MEMBERS can see more than the front page…Hmmm…We’ll see as the time gets closer.
Please carefully consider this notice…it is nothing personal – it is just the nature of the beast – Business Sense! Hugs to all no matter your choice – We still love you and still would love to see you at Our events and Fund Raisers and anything else We will be doing/hosting.

The Latest:

10 Pin Was Awesome!

Fila Service Crew

Would like to Thank and Congratulate the winners of Our 2nd Year Opening and

2nd Successful Fund Raiser


50/50 Raffle winner: Lauren C. of Arbutus -

As for the rest of OUR winners…

We are so happy you came out to show your support Not only for your communities but for

US as well.

Thank You So Very Much!

Special Thanks go out to ALL of Our Community Business’s that saw fit to support

and Sponsor their own community by donating door prizes for Our 10 Pin Event…

Our Sponsors are as follows:

#1.} Nick at

Bill Bateman’s of G B

805 Aquahart Rd

Glen Burnie, MD 21061

410 760 5535

Gift Card

#2.} Barbara at

Olive Garden Arundel Mills Mall

410 636 1385

Gift Certificates

{5 @ $5 ea.}

#3.} Kristi at

Seasons Pizza

5503 Ritchie Hwy, Brooklyn, MD 21225

(410) 609-1001

Gift Card

#4.} Zia & Peggy at

Olive Grove Restaurant

410 636 1385

Gift Card

#5.} Diane at


801 Aquahart Rd

Glen Burnie, MD 21108


2 Gift Cards @

#6.} Linda S. at

Pizza Hut MD HQ

7070 Oakland Mills Road
Columbia, Maryland 21046

410 720 6336

3 “Free Pizza Cards” each

#7.} _______ @


5007 Ritchie Hwy

Brooklyn Park, MD 21225

410 789-5305

Gift Card

# 8.} Ken at


5722 Ritchie Hwy
Brooklyn Park, MD 21225

(410) 636-9770

Gift Card

#9.} David at

Office Depot

6711 Ritchie Hwy

410 768 1105

2 Pk Gift Cards = Dinner & Movie

10.} Kristen {MGR} & Randy Riniker {Proprietor}

OutBack of GB

7744 Ritchie Hwy

410 863 0045

Gift Basket - 2 Wine Glasses, Bottle Wine $23 +$20 Gift card + 5 X $10 Off coupons – Est. Value = $100.00

We are so happy for John and Josie B. John was first to win the Olive Garden Certificates Later on in the evening Josie won the top Prize…

OutBack’s Basket with the estimated value of $100.00

Josie and John live right here in Brooklyn Park!


Especially grand thanks to Jim H. and ALL of his folks

The love and support they gave US was a very visible one. Thank You’s are simply not enough, but as limited humans that all we have – Can’t wait to meet and see you All Again!

Hugs and Luv to you all!

Mark & Gina D. &

Fila Service Crew

NEW -Only 3 Days to go Until Total CHAOS from all the promos! Be there!

If you can't make 10 Pin then you can make this  - A simple click of a mouse will allow you to partake in Our Efforts to Keep the disABLED Community ABLED!     
Due to the stupendous responses from Our Communities On March 22nd at    Our Event – 10 Pin – Door Prize tickets will be called every few minutes    starting at approximately 6:30 PM until the last is given out, paperwork  and photos done. We MUST have the 8:30 time slot clear for the 50/50 Raffle and that paper work as well as settle up with Bowl America. We appreciate your support and cooperation.

GinaD &

Fila Service Crew
fundraising OUR Short term Goals in order to continue functiong and serving OUR Communities is $5,00.00 every 6 months. WE know that with Your Help this will be an easy Task - YOU are the ones to Make the Difference! And don't forget that at 10Pin You can have fun while Helping US Help Others! Thank you ALL So much. >>>>>>>>NEW>>>>NEW NEWS on OUR First Year Accomplishments!!!>>>> ATTENTION - We have recently been advised that We managed to help another nonprofit group get their stuff organized and have BEGUN their Maryland State Compliance Paperwork - We feel very proud of them for doing so although they have a long road ahead of them due to time lapsing on their many branches and names but a start is a start and first steps are taken - Congrats and don't stop now!<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Just a little less than 3 weeks out!Things are coming along GREAT!
Not only in MDPennySaver, but now in Channel 2 Community Events Calendarhttp://events.baltimore.cbslocal.com/glenburnie/events/10-pin-we-go-family-evening-/E0-001-054843004-9 , as well as 13's - still waiting on confirmation for 11 and 45 & 54...this should be a big one! Let keep that in Our thoughts for it to happen!How's that for Eat Your Heart Out?!!!
************** An unfortunate state of affairs has burdened Fila Survice Crew: We had to remove a friend from being a Crew Member due to her association as an officer in another group which holds some questionable aspects of ethics. We will miss her as a member but still hope to see her at Our events as long as she attends as a friend and not as an officer representing the other group. WE, Fila Service Crew, cannot and will not be associated with ANY appearance of violations of laws, invasion of privacy of OUR Members, Supporters and Clients and/or Friends. !~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!~~~~~~~~~~~!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This test run on the new venue worked out well We are making it a permanent fixture in Our Public appearances! 4th Saturday - every month! Join Us! North Point Plaza Flea and Amish Market!
10 Pin
is coming along well! Very well – We have some very nice little surprises for those of you in attendance so you really don’t want to miss this one! All we can say is this will be an
“Eat Your Heart Out”

10 Pin -We are A GO!
Friday Evening - March 22nd, 2013 - from 5 PM to 8:30 PM -
$20 gets you 3 games and shoes...A door prize ticket will be made available at the sign in table - as you sign in and get your ticket to bowl you will get a door prize ticket as well.
There will also be a 50/50 Raffle! Those tickets are $5 each or 3 for $10 -
Door prize and 50/50 folks
MUST be present to win! No exceptions!
Door prize and 50/50 tickets will be available from 5 until 8 and drawing will take place approximately 8:15 at which time a random person, most likely an attending child, will draw
the winning tickets.
.If the winning ticket is announced and no one responds a new winning ticket will be drawn
If you choose to stay after Our time - you will have to pay for the "Rock IT Bowl separately.
Please note: None of the officers of Fila Service Crew will be eligible for winning any of the above prizes!
The funds for bowling & 50/50 Raffle is of course the only thing that Fila Service Crew will be entitled to receive.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ STILL NEWS:
Please remember there are always good and bad things that happen ... if not for the bad you could not appreciate the good!
Fila Service Crew and
Our first
“Year In Review 2012”:
The old adage that “Time Flies When You’re Having Fun” most certainly applies to Us in 2012! Please don’t misunderstand me – this past year was a lot of hard work, many days and nights of frustration and some long arduous hours. Getting a business off the ground is hard enough; however, a NONPROFIT is even harder. There are many compliance issues on several different levels – for example – the federal, the local government entities as well as the IRS, the bigger end of it “Uncle Sam!”
We, Fila Service Crew, are SO grateful for having the folks we do backing Us and watching out for Us. Getting Our corporation paper work directly in-between Christmas 2011 and New Years of 2012, We decided to make Our Actual date of anniversary 3 weeks later – January 21st, 2012 when We managed to have Our First Official MeetUp.
In the beginning things seemed to move along so well; being disabled Ourselves, We understand that “Life Happens”. We are no strangers to health issues holding Us back from things We want/have to do or making Us Late in doing those things. By nature, my personality, I am very skeptical about people in general - - I have come to the point in my life that I forgive myself to give others the benefit of doubt. Even with promises and assurance – people are people and are fallible – this includes me. It seems that whenever I do go against my initial feelings {Give others the benefit of doubt} I wind up on the back burner and left to ‘fry’. Such is what began year 1 for Fila Service Crew.
WE, Fila Service Crew, maintain the privacy of others according to the letter of the law: such as the privacy act and the amount of money in a drawing or raffle in which the winner is NOT obligated to advertise or be required to promote the event, and/or divulge personal information. We, Fila Service Crew, RESPECT you and your privacy!
Thank Goodness - People are smart enough to come to Us directly and draw their own conclusions. Folks found that Fila Service Crew is on the Up & UP so much so that We are very Proud Members of Maryland NonProfit Association; Councilman Peter Smith attends Our Meetings and invites Us to partake in community events such as one of the largest Christmas drives known – “Toys for Tots”.
Now that the not so good is out of the way We can take a clearer look at Our Year in Review in conjunction with the 4th quarter…
We have gained memberships, volunteers, and departments – branches off the tree if you will… Make no mistake about it…I have erred in many areas and am woman enough to say so; However, I am also woman enough to fix and learn from mistakes made! We are going through the phases that most any other company – profit or Non Profit goes through…much of the costs of running and functioning have come via Our own pocket in order to keep Our services FREE of CHARGE for the disabled communities.
We are and have been in total compliance with all the laws at all levels of government since inception of Fila Service CrewWe are not that far off from our {501} {c} {3} – from the start of a NonProfit only 27 months are allowed to come into NonProfit status complianceWe are well within those time limits.
As for what Fila Service Crew has accomplished in 2012…
{Not necessarily and set order…}
ü Have Our Maryland Traders license in for 2012-2013 {as we did for 2011 - 2012}
ü Received Our Charitable Organization status through Maryland Secretary of State.
ü Members of Maryland Nonprofit Association.
ü Change of Registered Agent
ü Combined Registration for the New Year in processing as We speak
ü Held Our first Fund-Raiser with success even if not as donation oriented as We would have liked… but word is out and We are growing!
ü Visual Alert Door Bell {temp} for Mary J. along with the blueprints ready for installation of permanent Visual Alert doorbell; Smoke Detector & CO2 Detector. Just waiting on Contractor…
ü Also, Mary J. has received her Video Phone {Sorenson VP} due to facilitation by Fila Service Crew
ü Successfully addressed Civil Rights issues with Save-A-Lot grocery stores to include additional training for employees and managers in regards to the ADA Law and Service Animals. In this case both parties came out WINNERS!
ü Found homes for several of Alice’s Alley’s.
ü Helped to care for several of them in Our own home.
ü Elder woman would rather remain anonymous – had her garage door repaired.
ü This same woman had her kitchen sink drains rerouted upon discovering a leak.
ü Held Our quarterly meetings – Successfully to include Councilman Smith in Attendance
ü As an extra boost to Fila Service Crew – 1st Lt. /Mr. Smith has extended “Toys for Tots” to include Fila Service Crew, Our area, members and contact families and Us.
ü 12 contractor bags and 1 box FULL of Toys for Tots were delivered to Us for distribution by Usallowing 34 boys & 23 Girls along with their families have a Merrier Christmas & all that’s Thanks to The United States Marine Corp. and 1st Lt. / Councilman Smith.
ü Added Crew Services Coordinator, Natalie F.
ü Grown to, at present, 18+ members {8 of whom are highly active within Our Organization} some from FB, MeetUp and Neighborhood
ü Have a mailing list of 74 + & Growing
ü Have grown a steady following around town of 11 +
ü Received 1st GoodSearch Check
ü Successfully launched and taught “Pet the Owner Before You Pet the Dog ©™” Program – proper approach is one of the best ways to avoid ‘mishaps’ with ANY dog not just service dogs!
ü Member Josie B – began learning sign language through contact and support from Fila Service Crew & other D/deaf & HoH members.
ü Work still in progress… Another sprouting “Branch” from Our tree is the Classes We are in the midst of organizing now – to begin shortly, hopefully!
ü Have a local High School prepping to come work with and for Fila Service Crew as part of their “Learn to Work” Program… that too is still in the works – lots of planning and organizing still to be done
ü New venues and more activities in progress and will be announced as time draws nearer.
ü NEW - Crew Engineering Department is in progress of set up now…not sure as to how much longer to get it running but it is on its way!
ü “Pet Food Pantry” has inadvertently begun… Our first client to benefit from the “Pet Food Pantry” of course Alice’s Alley’s.
ü Our plans for “Lending Closet” is also being dealt with – this will be a longer process due to getting the manufacturer’s warranty authorizations in place before actual compensation comes into play… unfortunately this may be the longest wait of everything else.
Once again, Thank You so very much – Mr. & Mrs. Anonymous for alerting US and keeping US up to date on all the misgivings and believing in US enough to stand by, with and for US and that includes ALL Crew members’!
Please NOTE:
These photos are our personal property, please ask permission before trying to use them for more than personal pleasure viewing.
Thanks Much,
Gina & Mark D &
Fila Service Crew
Photos / Crew Comments / Programs / Project and or Names are the Exclusive Property of Fila Service Crew, Inc. and Mark & Gina Darling: Perpetual/Permanent ©CopyRight 2012 - Forward:
Use in part or whole of any full or partial
photo[s] /Projecrs / Programs and/or comments requires express written permission. Contact
Ok…PART of the rest of the story... first - the delivery of toys - the breakdown of the truck that delivered - the family that helped to restart the truck gave US a thank you note that actually should have gone to 1st Lt/Councilman Smith - when he read the note and I told him it was from her, pointing at the neighbor, he, mister big tough Marine was visibly moved - invited her to the back of the truck and as he opened the tailgate {that very second} saying help your self - the truck miraculously started and the U-Haul tow truck showed up and the thank you note read "If not for you our kids would have nothing! Thank you the Byrons"
Christmas is a time of magical events and happenings – this is one of those magical moments especially for that family – the truck broke down long enough to get that family a little more ‘magic’ into theirs and their kids life! The United States Marine Corp. rarely if ever get the recognition they deserve for all the joy & magic they bring to the less fortunate children and parents of Our Communities.
Here are a few Pics ---there are more on the way due to Nat F, along with US making the delivery rounds we both took pics and Nat got some video…… The last family we delivered to even gifted us … Our Special needs Foster Parents were thankful and thrilled that We did this and included them. Mark got a binky and I got French Lavender body assortment. Thank You Ruth L and the entire family. That was an unexpected and unnecessary blessing to US! Stay tuned – more to follow – not all deliveries have been made yet…still 7 more families to go that will receive theirs later today or tomorrow…
We also received a much needed donation of $50 for Fila Service Crew – thank you – you know who you are!
Stay tuned for the rest of this "Christmas Story"!
AMAZING!!! Toys for Tots - Councilman & First Lieutenant Peter I. Smith made the delivery this evening. 34 Boys 23 girls and their families + a last minute 3 children will be having a very MERRY CHRISTMAS! Peter saw 2 of the families tonight as they received their children’s goodies... It is funny how the delivery truck would not start after the drop was made - even with a jump...the truck would NOT start! Not until after the 1st delivery was made a few doors down and that family's mom came to Our door to drop off a 'thank you' card... while that family’s' dad tried to help start the truck I carried the note out to Councilman/1st Lt. Smith... well you are going to have to wait for the rest of that story until official posting - after all deliveries are made and pics uploaded and down loaded and all the NEWS is in! Merry Christmas From Us and Our Crew to ALL of You and Yours ~ Merry Christmas!
Once again Marley Station & Patrons have visited, chatted, encouraged, supported and complimented Us.
Thank you to all that stopped by for all you are doing to help Us Help Others!
4 Bipeds and 3 SD’s in attendance – some were ill and could not make it.
We had to park in Timbuck-2 but that is alright with us- we still managed to get set up with a few distractions from young ones, get the word out & continue Our forward Motion!
Special Thanks to Crew Members Jamie, Buddy & Janice. We were so Pleasantly surprised to see you – glad you came but PLEASE get the rest you need! Hugs and gratitude!
And once again – after getting started we lost track of the camera – so sorry! We may need to hire a photographer!
1st Quarter Meeting - SUCCESS! Such important things happened - you need to be there to see the doors and opportunities opening for Us & our members & communities! Thanks go out to all of our followers, friends, Members & Prospectives - Belinda - dear neighbor, Mary J. Our 1st client, Natalie F - avid supporter, friend and New Member [As soon as we get her PC fixed} Josie & John with Lil' Lady - N...EW Clients Prospective NEW Members with candidate for SDT {Service Dog in Training}"Lady", Mr. Thomas - New Client. A special Thanks to Councilman Mr. Peter I. Smith of District 1 - we are grateful for you taking the time out of your busy schedule to attend Our meeting to see what we were all about. Everyone is so excited that you came - Thank You so Much - see you all around town soon! *************************************************
As of May 3rd, 2012 - Fila Service Crew against Save A Lot Grocery Stores in Civil Rights Violation Case Settled! Both Parties are WINNERS!
Columbia's Cutest Canine Contest - 2012
Awesome Job by our very own Active Crew Members - Buddy L & his handler/owner/companion Jamie L - Cutest Dog Contest Winner!!!
Congratulations, Buddy has been named Columbia's Cutest Canine for 2012! We'll be contacting Buddy's family to pick up their prize and certificate! Way to go, Buddy, and ALL of the adorable, cuddly, fluffy dogs of Columbia!
**************************************************************** INCREDIBLE! Don't miss this one!
‘Rolling Thunder ®, Inc. XXV’
Memorial Weekend – May 25th – 27th, 2012
{Thank You Batt for this wonderful invite to this Magnificent Event!}
Fila Service Crew has been invited to attend a stupendous D C / Arlington Event!
We are so pleased and Honored that WE were thought of for this:
‘Rolling Thunder XXV’ has an entire weekend planned, full of exciting and important activities.
{ *** Visit their website for further details on the excitement! http://www.RollingThunder1.com }
Fila Service Crew will be meeting the “THUNDER” at Maryland House rest stop on I 95 { Maryland House, Aberdeen, MD 21001} – Friday May 25th, 2012 at 12:30 P.M. and caravanning down to DC for a Grand time of recognition of OUR Veteran Men & Women that pay the ULTIMATE cost for our freedom and liberty.
With this being Memorial Day Weekend we feel it is important to show Our support for our troops and ‘Rolling Thunder ®, Inc.’s’ cause. They too are a Nonprofit Organization geared to help MIA’s and POW’s along with the families of these brave Men and Women that serve US.
Fila Service Crew also is geared to help OUR Veterans – those that have become disabled {*Handi-Capable} defending our rights. So, WE do hope that ALL of you will join us as we join the “ROLLING THUNDER®” decent on DC and Virginia to make the importance of Our troops known to the world.
In visiting with “ROLLING THUNDER®” this year – maybe for next, 2013, “ROLLING THUNDER® XXVI”Fila Service Crew will be able to join forces with them to support and play more active role. For this year’s event all spaces are taken; however, it is time to plan now for then!

When:             Thursday, May 17th, 2012
Where:            Brooklyn Park Library
                1 East 11th Avenue
                Brooklyn Park,  MD 21225
Time:                                 5 P.M. – 8 P.M.
Volunteers Needed – 3:30 PM for setting up, keeping coffee pot going & cookie tray full – then at 8 PM to break down & Clean Up. Contact Gina D
We are all set this Special Edition of our meeting; open to the general public.
This meeting is geared toward ‘Crew Members’ & their need for some questions, comments & any other issues to get/be resolved; membership enrollment, if you so choose; information regarding Fila Service Crew & our first quarter along with our organizations purpose & operations; ADA & other Laws; questions & answers; suggestions & comments – in other words -  Your valuable input!
Coffee, tea, & cold drinks with light refreshments will be served:
If you’d rather, bring your own favorite non-alcoholic beverage or dining pleasure.
You are also welcome to bring a small snack plate to share if you’d like to contribute.
Although this meeting and membership is FREE – we will have a “Feed the Kitty” can and other donation cans around to help offset the costs of the room, food & drinks as well as printing & other miscellaneous expenses.

Just another Great Meet Up! Marley Station was so much fun Thanks to those of You who Visited and shared a cup of coffee with us. It is so grand to see the warmth of the reception of all communities. Here are your pics for that meeting - and Please keep up with us - the Member Meeting in Progress, date to be announced in the next day or so... 10 Pin also in the works...to Be announced as well. Once again Thank You All! You are so appreciated by us. OH... We are also "Members of Maryland NonProfit Association" & Commission Junction {CJ} *************** Crew Members Meeting - For coverage of 1st quarter...Plus! Due to the overwhelming 'Public' response at our regular MeetUp's we have been unable to hold actual meetings to have the discussions of topics necessary - so we have decided that a "REAL" meeting needs to take place. Brooklyn Park Library is allowing us the use of their facilities - the meeting will be open to the public and member recruitment; however, there we will get to the topics that we have been unable to get to for the past several MeetUp's; information on our first quartly operation and any other issues that need to be addressed. We have yet set a date but want to hear from you as to what day and time would be convenient for all to attend. SO Date still pending and to come shortly! Thanks and See you there

Brooklyn Park Library

1 East 11th Avenue, Baltimore, MD


Check US out on MeetUp.com - 10 Pin in the works! Don't miss it! *************
"Stay Tuned For Up & Coming!"
*** Sit Stay has joined us... go puppy shopping now! *** More Great News!... We have our Very OWN ToolBar!... It's the new Fila Service Crew toolbar - once added to your browser, each time you shop at more than 2,500 stores (from Amazon to Zazzle!) a percentage of your purchase will automatically be donated to Fila Service Crew - at no cost to you (and you may even save money as the toolbar provides coupons and deals as well!). The toolbar also has a search box and each time you search the Internet, about a penny is donated to Fila Service Crew. http://www.goodsearch.com/toolbar/fila-service-crew So... Check It Out! Thank You!
GoodSearch.com All your Searches, Shopping & Dining will Contribute Continually to the Crew... http://www.goodsearch.com/nonprofit/fila-service-crew.aspx
*** Tootoez is much happier now that he is feeling less pain; still not happy about not being able to go to work but that is soon to come - at least before the next knee getting done. We are still in need for support and sponsorships for that as well as Sarge - Let's not forget all the other need that we have to assist us in assisting others! ALSO... Doing well - http://www.meetup.com/FilaServiceCrew/ Join Us for Fun & Friendship! Plus some Public Access for ALL! ****************** Tootz is doing so well! He is so much happier - except when he sees Sarge and Sox going to work with us...the the 'Bugle Boy' comes out!
Please remember that without knowing such great sorrow we would not be able to recognize such Magnificent JOY!
*** We have some Good News and some not so good news... For the good - Tootz is off the table and in recovery as we speak... The Not So Good - there has been found other issues with the left knee - meniscus is torn! It is now fixed in the left - but... he has his right knee with the same issues! He will need that one done as well so we are not in good shape here. We not only have the 12 weeks of recovery for Tootz and the left knee but now need to figure out how & where we are going to get the assistance for Sarge's 2 knees and the NEW issue of Tootz' 2nd knee as well as Tunnies' There is also arthritis that has begun setting in so we need to hurry to get this done. Now, not only are 2 of the 3 service boys down with knee issues - in both knees - we also have our little girl playing the gimpy dance. The only thing I can say is... the injuries were received in 2011, but this is a new year and it WILL be better than last! We will over come. Please remember that without knowing such great sorrow we would not be able to recognize such Magnificent JOY! *************************


  1. Great News...Tootoz is doing great according to Dr. P and is well on his way to recovery! Still have 4 more weeks of confinement ... 6 weeks after that ...then drilling can resume and rehab can begin...

    Be at the next meeting of MeetUp.com/FilaServiceCrew/ discounted Duck Pin Bowling cards will begin sale - only 9 avaiulable - they will go fast! see you then!

  2. GoodSearch.com
    All your Searches,Shopping & Dining will Contribute Continually to the Crew

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  4. As of May 3rd, 2012 - Fila Service Crew against Save A Lot Grocery Stores in Civil Rights Violation Case Settled! Both Parties are WINNERS!