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My BIG Boy {Sergeant Chewbacha}  

Sarge has moved on to greener pastures on Aug, 28th, 2016. The bond is amazing and having trouble still - grieving.
I need to get a new Service Dog {SD} & have found this little guy. PLEASE HELP ~ time is of the essence due to training demands. I have about 4 weeks to get him here - home. Every red cent counts if you'll let me take care of the cents ~ the dollars will take care of themselves. Please and THANK YOU {donors of $50 or more can choose one of my art pieces.
  He would help in the healing process by allowing me to focus and put the energy into his training. Our trainer {puppy god} has advised that this is one way that he himself uses, getting into another pup.

Still frantically holding om to hope humanity does not abandon me. Time is getting close to me having no other options but to let this little guy go and be without dependable assistance. He is now weeks old and 1 red cent will get things going - a drop in the bucket ...1 red cent and taking care of it {the pennies} will allow the dollars to take care of themselves

days old...

Days old...

weeks old and needing action now...

Sept. 30th. 2016 - 

Any Help out there???

Gina Darling has posted a new update!

C  Thursday April 16th, Knee replacement

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C  10 Pin w/ Silent Auction for Art-work & Possible Registration for 1 Dog

As time rolls on so will this calendar, the dates above are for sign language group – open to the public.
Additional Meetings and Functions will be added as the dates approach.

New Updates... Don't miss "Taking It To The Water" Don't forget to check out all the pages like members...
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ANNOUNCING Fila Service Crew starting Year # 3 on working Sabbatical

If you need us please don’t hesitate if you want to know contact Us.

Hello One and ALL!
It is here in full swing and moving even faster than last - 2014 - can you believe it??? Christmas has come and gone...again...the Ball in NY has fallen ... again.... 4 days already into the New Year! Hope one and all have had the best of it all as of yet with many more to come each getting better & better!
Our 2nd year is officially complete with the 3rd HEAD ON TO MEET! To meet more needs, meet more people, meet more challenges, meet more friends and more members, along with the meet of new volunteers, helpers, sponsors and all the good that We can possibly help to happen! We hope you are all as excited as We are to see what is in store for 2014. There are several things which are in the “possible” mode and a few in the “in the Making” mode & We’d love for you all to join Us for another year of success!
Fila's Flying Fingers 2014 schedule is DONE & SET! With the exception of July & August which are the high times for the Brooklyn Park Library & their summer programs for the children. Once they set their schedule We will update the calendar. All in all We are once or twice a month with giggles and games wishing more of you would like to learn a little bit of another language - not a boring, repetitive-memorizing language but a totally animated and motion filled Culture within a Language! It is simply put...F U N !!! Come out and try on a word or 2 and if you like it keep coming - - if not OK - Give Us some suggestions that you WOULD like and We can add them too.

Just a bit of info
C  Our BlogSpot and Our MeetUp pages are the way to go – is the very basic announcement pages for what, where, when and how – is where you can find much more information, news, more regarding needs, volunteers, photos and the like. On either of these sites you can join or follow so please do so. Facebook is still a page We post things on but not as much on the info and events – more like cutie pics, inspirational quotes, some needs that are too big for Us, Fila Service Crew, at the moment, etc.
C  For those of you looking for Us on Our .org site… I am stubborn {HA who doesn’t know that?} and want what I want therefore .org site is down until I like what I see…not gone just down until construction is finished.
C  The Fila’s Flying Fingers calendar will be the basic calendar for Us and Our activities for the remainder of 2014.
C  During any of the Fila’s Flying Fingers group dates should you want information regarding the quarterly meetings as in previous years just drop Us a line, tap on Our shoulder and let Us know and it will be available to you at the following meeting otherwise it will be incorporated into one of the Flying Fingers dates {most likely in the July or August group} as a 6 month review still broken down into quarterly format.
So, for now keeping up by following and/or joining Us is the way to go…or call – all of Our contact info is available on Our services pages or through MeetUp just hit the little red button and “contact” Us. Be well and see you all around town!

Mark & Gina D &

Fila Service Crew

And just like that 2013 is over... feels like it was only yesterday that We began...but it is now complete with Our 3rd year to meet Head On!

A Brand New Thank You Shout Out for stocking Our Pet Food Pantry
Goes to Pastor Joe F. and His wonderful wife Vonzella F.

Their Group is in the same business as We - Helping Others
So, Applications for Pet Food are available by simply contacting Us!
Within 24 hours you will have an answer for help for your Service Dog, Elderly Companion or Special Needs Quadrupeds.

This may turn into a hand washing the other so that both hands can was the face!
We are still tabulating the donation as of this evening...We can post the amounts tomorrow if need be.

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  1. Pet Food Pantry IS OFFICIALLY OPEN TO RECEIVE Donations & Requests so please wish the disABLED Community a Merry Christmas and put a little stock on the shelves Please