Crew's Cloth Corner™©

LAST WEEK - 5/5/14

Some new skirts, vests and tops went out in the neighborhood. Even purchased some undies to go with it all.

Happy 2014 & Thank You few who remembered Our working parents struggling to make ends meet - several new items have been given out at NO COST to the parents/families! Thank you for the Navy.
Crew's Cloth Corner has had a few requests that we are presently unable to fulfill due to the lack of, black and whites are needed for children in the elementary schools in our area...
Tis' the Season - 
thank you in advance for your gifts!

Crew’s Cloth Corner™©

Several of Our neighborhood little ones {Girls} have some nice new clothes for the beginning of school....these clothes were a direct donation from My granddaughter and Goddaughters...
There has also been fixing/mending of items and making of others!
If you'd like to donate materials, threads, bobbins etc. it will all go to profit the folks in need. Anything that is for someone other than a disabled or special needs person will have a nominal charge and those proceeds will go to continue this program with
Fila Service Crew!
Crew’s Cloth Corner™©

Have clothing that needs some T L C?? Your favorite Shirt, Skirt, Pants torn? Need A Zipper?? Have an old item you just adore & can’t find it anywhere anymore??

Crew’s Cloth Corner May Have the Answer!

Minor to medium repairs / alterations made…

We can use your old garment as a pattern to make you a new one –

Have a different idea to sew??

Let Crew’s Cloth Corner see if We can help!

Please leave a number if so We can get back with you

***NOTE: Some things for the Disabled Community may be FREE of Charge; other things may be just the cost of materials; Outside of the disabled community – proceeds go to benefit

Fila Service Crew
Projects & Programs.

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