Monday, March 21, 2016



A sad beginning to a sad ending 
{temporarily God willing} 
a sad few years of surgery and recovery followed by 
more surgeries and more recoveries.

I have taken another fall and this not being my first I know is a bad one. Other falls have put me in the hospital and this one took place while my doctors office was open so... at the moment we are on another HOLD pattern due to the last procedure and that recovery - so broken heartedly have to close up shop until health can be restored and a fresh start with fresh eyes can be made.
We thank all of our members, friends and supporters for all that they had and have done; we are looking forward to the very near future to working once again with you all and having a slew of great new folks on board.

Be well and remember we love all of you! Be Back Soon - God Willing.  ; > }


WOW! Another year {5} with health issues finishing up. 
There had been 2 last things done,{shut down of veins that haven't been working properly} and for all the testing things re looking but there is still another month of waiting and if then a reevaluation to decide if we can salvage  some of year 5.

Either way...Yard Sale to be coming soon - have oodles of things to get gone for Our rehab and of course this will be a personal issue not a Fila Crew issue. The same will go for my art...I intended for it to be a fund raiser but we see how far that has gone so...My arts will come up here soon and you can bid or flat out buy something you see and like...just so it is clear this round of art will be with the yard sale not Crew related!

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